My short-term goal

16 Jan

I started 2010 pretty unhappy with myself. I had over-indulged during the holidays (and –let’s face it, before the holidays as well), let my gym routine go south, and whined too much. All of those things plus the fact that I didn’t have to get into a bikini at any time in the near future meant that I put on 10+ pounds, felt “puffy”, and found myself reaching into the dark spaces of my closet to get out my fat FAT jeans.

But what I really hated the most was that I was just like everybody else. I guarantee you that millions of people were feeling the same way. I hate that. I don’t want to be one of the crowd. I want to be a standout. You can’t stand out if you don’t work hard.  (And not pretend you work hard like so many of us do, generally accomplished by comparing ourselves to the worst instead of the best.)

So like most out there, I have a New Years Resolution to lose weight. But more than that, I want to (1) reduce my body fat, (2) show off those muscles I’ve worked very hard to get, and (3) stop having a yo-yo weight. I never want my daughter to get trapped in what so many of us women get trapped in — the ups and downs and emotional highs and lows that literally can drive us to tears! Its a horrible thing and I have decided this year to take control. There were many points last year where I did not want to leave the house I felt so bad about my body. And I’m a perfectly healthy person with a perfectly healthy weight. It is really shocking if you think about how much I was letting my body control me.

My goal is to, over the next 80 days, lose a considerable amount of body fat, but keep as much muscle as possible.  I will look completely different from today. (Click here for progress pictures.) You will be able to see lots of definition in my muscle groups — to the point where just standing, you will see the cuts in my arms and legs. You will see a six pack – very defined.

Before I end today, notice that I use the word “will“. I don’t use “wish” or “hope”. I didn’t say “I hope to be”. That’s not productive. You have to have no fear, believe you can do it, and say “I will be what I want to be”. This statement gives you power.

I’ll update tomorrow more specifically what’s been going on the past week (and the first week of my diet). Its been exciting. How can you not be excited knowing you hold the key to making a dramatic change?

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