Re-vamping my training program

18 Jan

I haven’t commented yet on what I am doing in the gym! My favorite thing!

Before I started dieting, I started this process by re-vamping my gym workout. Previously, I was lifting up to 6 days a week and had been pretty lax on cardio. In the last part of 2009, I started running on the treadmill and realized I could do 3 miles in about 30 minutes, which was a huge personal accomplishment. I incorporate running into my workouts all the time now. You never see a fat runner!! Although I wasn’t doing cardio as often as I should, beginning to run was the first phase of my re-vamped training program, even if it was an unconscious one at the time.

Revamping my workout is meant to accomplish two things. This first of those is to build muscle. This is a little difficult when you are also dieting, but if your protein intake is right and your supplementation is right, I think it can be accomplished. If anything, it should help me not to lose muscle as I am dieting down.

Second, my new workout should help to increase my metabolism. Man it got slow with all of the crap I was eating! Its amazing how you feel when your body becomes a metabolizing machine. Calories in/calories out is a good place to start with weight loss, but increasing your metabolism is the key to getting that fat off and keeping it off. All bodybuilders know this.

The new work out consists of, in its simplest form, 4 days of lifting per week and 6 days of cardio per week with one rest day. On my lift days, my current split is

Sunday: Chest/shoulders

Monday: Arms

Wednesday: Back/hamstrings

Thursday: Quads

I incorporate abs every day (I do them immediately upon waking) and calves at least 3x week. (I’ll do calves in between sets of other things.)

Since I’m only lifting 4x week, I put everything I’ve got into each work out. I lift heavy. I like pyramid sets. After warming up of course, I start out with a weight I can get about 12 -15 reps on, then with each set, go up until I’m at a weight where I can get 4-6 reps, then go back down. I am doing less exercises (about 3 per body part) than I used to, but I still get an excellent pump and I am pushing/pulling more weight than ever before.

As for cardio, it is not always fun. But it is a must because it is the key to reducing stress and increasing metabolism. It also does one other very wonderful thing – it burns calories so that you can increase your protein intake and not gain weight!

On lifting days, I do 30 minutes of cardio, which consists of either a hard-hitting session on the Elliptical or a 3 mile run on the treadmill. On non-lifting days (Saturday and Tuesday), I do 60 minutes of cardio, which is generally a combination of the treadmill and Elliptical.

Friday is my day off from training.  I have never in the last 4 years consciously incorporated a true rest day and just knowing that it is there is sort of comforting in a way and makes me relax! Plus I also planned it to coincide with date night with my husband, which is perfect for me. After 6 days of giving it all I’ve got, its important for me to have this day to give myself some non-guilty and much needed relaxation. No doubt about it, previously, I was not getting enough rest. But rest is necessary for growth and rejuvenation.

As a final thought, I’ve never been much of an organized person, or someone that follows a schedule or a plan. However, I heard someone say one day that “An organized person is a successful person.” It really struck home with me. You’ve got to plan, otherwise, how are you going to meet your goals? It is a great lesson I’ve learned and it will help me achieve the results that I want. In addition to this blog, I keep a diary of my eating/training/supplementation and I also plan out each of my weeks so that I will meet my training and diet goals 100% of the time.

Until next time…


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