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20 Jan

These past few days have been excellent in terms of diet. Although I’ve been dieting now since January 10, (admittedly a very short time in the scheme of things), it took me until this week to really hit my stride. I was having a bit of a problem with the timing of my meals and my workout, but I solved it with a little help from my husband. Its been smooth sailing since then and the other wonderful thing is that with so little sugar in my body, I’ve have zero cravings for junk. This is not only hugely important to my sanity, but it means that I am doing things the right way!

In addition to that update, I wanted to talk a little bit about motivation. I’m an avid reader of Oxygen magazine and I love to look through my husband’s old bodybuilding books. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of great advice through reading what the pros say, and it has certainly helped me to stay motivated during this process. The fact is, the first 4-5 weeks are the toughest. You start to feel different because you are eating differently and your metabolism is revving up. You are consistent with your diet and your work outs and you are really challenging yourself. Although you can see yourself tightening up, the big changes have not happened yet. This makes it very difficult to get to the point where you will start to see those big changes.

A part of staying motivated through the process is knowing that (1) you will experience down days and (2) you will experience up days. You can feel on top of the world one day but the next day be depressed that you will never meet your goal. It is important to know that it is OK to feel this way. Just keep going. Because eventually you will get over that hump and start to see some amazing results.

In my everyday life, my husband is the only person that knows I am dieting. Others not into bodybuilding do not understand it, and believe me, it is pointless to discuss it with them. It won’t do you any good. So unlike a lot of articles that will tell you to “get a buddy” in order to stay motivated, I stay motivated by doing these things:

1. Check out bodybuilding websites, especially “before” and “after” pictures. Before and after pictures are not only fun to look at, they are also an excellent motivator. Chances are you will run across plenty “before” pictures that are far worse than your “before” picture. Knowing that these people did what you want to accomplish will help you regain your positivity. Bodybuilding websites are also great for reading about different supplements, training routines, diets, and so much more. All of these things will boost your motivation.

2. Reward yourself every week for meeting your goals. This way you have something to look forward to on a weekly basis, making the time go by more quickly. I personally like to buy a little something for the gym, since I’m in there all the time! Yesterday I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a new top for training. Its a really cute halter in a great shade of purple. It made me happy. I went straight to the gym, ripped off the tags and put it on before my cardio work out. I felt great!

3. Say positive things to yourself. This one is difficult to do perfectly all the time, but I swear it works. Build up your ego. Stand in front of the mirror you look the best in and pump yourself up. It really is a mental game, after all.

4. Read advice from the pros: Just knowing that someone else, at some point, experienced the same thing as you makes things so much easier. It eases your mind and stops you from having self-doubt.

5. Build a blog: Having a place to write your thoughts down is a great way to stay motivated because in just a short time you can see how far you’ve really come!

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