Mr. Easy

21 Jan

I made delicious, chewy brownies today for a baby shower, and they made the house smell wonderful.  I love brownie batter more than anything, but today I washed the spoon right away without indulging in any. To be honest, it wasn’t all that difficult. The guilt I would have experienced if I had put that brownie in my mouth is so not worth it. Thinking about it, I’m actually just as happy to smell them as to eat them. Both make me feel good. One is just calorie-free!

Today was a good example of me saying  “no” to “Mr.Easy”. Mr. Easy is the little guy in my head that says, “Oh just have one bite, it won’t kill you. You can do 5 extra minutes of cardio today and burn it off.” Mr. Easy tries to make everything easy because he has a great excuse for every situation that involves hard work (or willpower). He is your #1 saboteur and your enemy! Stopping to think about the situation (as I did today with the brownies) is a great way to break the habit of listening to Mr. Easy.

Another example of a time when I hear Mr. Easy a lot is when I’m on the treadmill with a 1/2 mile left in a 3-mile run. Mr. Easy says, “You’ve worked so hard already, you’re tired, and it won’t really matter if you don’t run 5 more minutes.” But if I listened to Mr. Easy every time, I could easily lose 2-3 miles of running time over a week. Multiply that times all the weeks in a year and that’s literally hundreds of miles that I did not run, and wasted opportunity to burn calories and rev up my metabolism. And all for what? Not running a puny 5 more minutes?

Remember, Mr. Easy is lurking and whispering to you all the time. Fight back! Visualize him as an actual person and visualize yourself punching him square in the nose. It may sound a little goofy, but it works. Do not let Mr. Easy come between you and your goals. Watch out for him and practice saying “NO!”.

Successful people–including successful bodybuilders– have figured out how to ignore Mr. Easy. In order to meet your goals, it is an absolute must that you know that he is there. Be strong and you will soon see that you can beat him at all of his games! Hard work is what gets you to the goal that you want. I know that I am working hard toward mine!

Til next time…


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