Weighing In

23 Jan

Weighing in  gives you a good gauge on how you are coming along. I suggest doing it about once every 7-10 days.  The mirror is a better indicator because really that’s ultimately what we are getting at here — the “look” we want — but especially at the beginning of the process when you aren’t seeing huge results yet, the scale is necessary to make sure you are on the right track.

Tomorrow is my second weigh-in (technically it should be my third, but I just couldn’t get myself on the scale at the beginning of my diet). At my first weigh in a week ago, I weighed about 153. I will be on track if I have lost at least 2 lbs. I’ve stuck to my diet very well this week and I’ve seen myself tighten up a bit, so I think I am on track. By chance I do not weigh less, I will know that I need to change up my diet and/or training program. This is probably more important about 8 weeks in, however, as I am more likely to plateau at that point.

Good news — by Wednesday next week, I will be half way through “the hump”. This is the period where you work very hard, but do not see amazing results yet. It is sort of like climbing the mountain before you stand at the top and see the view. Once over “the hump” (at about 5 weeks), the results really start to kick in. It will be here in no time, around mid-February.

I’ll post an update tomorrow after my weigh in.

Good night!


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