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26 Jan

A “short term” goal (mine is 12 weeks) can seem to take forever sometimes, especially in my case, where my job isn’t the most exciting on a daily basis. I work from home as an analyst for an independent research firm. I’ve done it for 7 years now. So while I’m good at what I do and I like what I do, the fact is that I sit here all day looking through SEC filings and spreadsheets. A lot of people would love to work from home and there are definitely perks, especially when dieting. But when it’s just me and the dogs all day long with little outside stimulation, my mind wanders and inevitably falls to my diet. Thinking about it so much can result in feeling like it is taking forever to see results. In reality, it is not forever and in 3 months I will have a completely different body! I try the best I can to think about other things (studying for my next CPA exam, for one) as much as possible to take the attention off of my diet.

On a slightly different note, as I sit here writing this from home, I realize that most people do not work from home.  Fitting in 5-6 meals a day if you work from an office or are on the road a lot is obviously more challenging than if you work from home.  But it is not impossible. It takes a little more organization, that’s all. It requires that you invest in a lot of Tupperware and spend about 3-4 hours on Sunday cooking meals for the week. Protein shakes come in handy as well (you can quickly get one down before a meeting). You also learn to cut up your chicken into bite sized pieces so you can eat it like a snack quickly at your cube or in the car (forget forks and knives).

I always think about a female pilot that I read about in one of my fitness magazines when I am faced with a “diet” or “training” challenge. Can you imagine trying to be on a diet (much less train appropriately) when you fly for a commercial airline and have a crazy schedule? But she did it and she even competes–and wins! With dedication and action, you can find the power to achieve what you want. I can’t emphasize enough that a successful person is also an organized person. You cannot successfully diet “on the fly” (pun intended) and reach your goal.

So the moral is to not spend too much time thinking about your diet, but spend enough time preparing yourself for it so that you are successful. Its difficult to do either of these things consistently and even more difficult to do both together. We are only human after all. Although when I meet my goal, I just might feel super-human. At least for a while anyway.

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