Travel Challenge

27 Jan

Yesterday I wrote about the challenges of diet and training that can present themselves. My first real challenge during this process is a two-day trip to Phoenix tomorrow. First, I want to make sure I get my training in tomorrow (quads + cardio). Second, I want to make sure I stick to my diet. This is no small feat considering I will be flying, picking people up at the airport, going into the office, staying at a hotel, taking a red eye flight back home, and generally just being well off my regular schedule.

So how do I make it work? Lots of organization!

Tomorrow morning my alarm will go off at 4:30am (my husband will love me for that!). I will be at the gym exactly when it opens at 5:00 am and will be there for an hour getting my workout in. I will come back, shower quickly, and be out the door to catch my flight. I just hope everything goes smoothly because I sure wouldn’t want to tell my boss I missed my flight because I went to the gym! (He might not see the dedication in that…)

As for my meals, I have prepared myself with a list of food that I need for the day, which includes protein bars, pre-cooked, pre-cut chicken, easy-to-eat veggies (i.e., cut green beans), packets of oatmeal, and protein powder. I have also thought about when I will eat. These lists and schedules go right into my Outlook calendar so I can see them on my Iphone.

So, as an example, tomorrow I will follow the following schedule:

5am EST – gym

6:30am EST – home (Meal #1 – oatmeal + 4 egg whites)

7am EST – leave for airport

9:30am EST – plane takes off (Meal #2 – protein bar)

12:30pm EST – in the air (Meal #3 – cut chicken and cut green beans)

2:30pm (12:30pm MST) – arrive in Phoenix

1:30pm MST – (Meal #4 – protein shake)

Following meeting with boss – eat a protein and veggies (possibly going out to dinner, will have to play by ear)

Of course I doubt this will go perfectly. Who knows how long security will take at the airport. Who knows if my plane will take off in time. All kinds of things could go off schedule.  But I will try as much as I can to eat every 3 hours and just do my best. There are three main rules for traveling as far as I am concerned that are a must: #1. Eat protein at every meal, #2. Take a water bottle and carry it everywhere, #3. Do NOT eat junk (if you are organized, there is no reason this should happen). The rest will work itself out.

I will write an update tomorrow evening in Phoenix about how it all went. Today, my goal is to pack and get organized so I can be prepared to get to the gym tomorrow morning (this also means thinking about what I’m going to do at the gym so I can stick to one hour only). Friday is my day off from training, which makes life a little easier.

Until tomorrow…


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