29 Jan

I flew out to Arizona yesterday morning expecting to sit in staff meetings all day. Instead I got fired. After 7 years at the company, I got a severance and a lame excuse.

There is nothing like being blindsided, and your emotions run wild. I was on the other side of the country with no husband, no safe home, and no family. And my boss had just axed me. Pretty tough circumstances. One minute I was completely overwhelmed with sadness, the next minute I was fuming. When I remembered I was free of my crazy company, I even felt moments of excitement. (I had been unhappy for a long time, but had been biding my time until I got my CPA.)

Needless to say I was on an emotional roller coaster ride.

What does this have to do with my short term dieting goal (the focus of this blog)? A lot. It is a prime example of how life isn’t always perfect, no matter how great your plans are. Sometimes you are just completely blindsided. I didn’t see this coming and it turned my world upside down.

In these instances, it is very difficult to keep a regular routine– and even more so 2,000 miles away from home. I was running on pure adrenaline.  I made new plans to get on a red eye flight that night so I could get home early,  but that meant staying awake until midnight, flying to Detroit, then flying to Charlotte.

I had gotten up at 4:30 am yesterday to make it to the gym before my flight to AZ. I did quads and 30 minutes of cardio. So I had gotten off to a great start. I obviously had no idea that 12 hours later I would be jobless.  After I met with my boss and got laid off, I met up with another analyst (also laid off) and we ate dinner.  I had a Caesar salad  and a glass of wine, along with some chips and salsa. So I cheated a bit, although at least there was lots of protein on the salad (it was loaded with chicken). My worst “cheat” was a Jack In the Box milkshake following dinner.  Old habits die hard, especially when faced with a night alone in airports  reeling from the shock of being let go from your job.

The milkshake made me feel better for a few seconds, but I can honestly say it wasn’t worth it. I should have chosen to stop at the grocery store and pick up my new favorite drink, Fuze. It has just 10 calories and is wonderfully good!  I would have been just as happy with that. My point is that, when you are blindsided by life, it is hard to remember why you are on the diet in the first place. It is easy for you to let your diet to fall to a low priority pretty quickly.

As much as you can, however,  you should continue try to make your diet (and any other health goals) a high priority. The diet is the one thing that will keep you going, keep you feeling great– and, not to mention, keep you looking great. Remember, “Mr. Easy” will be louder than ever when you are down.  If  you happen to listen to him under a situation of stress, don’t dwell on it. Just get back on track ASAP.

Today I got home, had some oatmeal and crashed in bed. I woke up this afternoon and had some chicken and green beans. Friday has been my predetermined day for a “cheat” meal. I will have to chalk up the milkshake and the tortilla chips last night as my cheat for the week. Hopefully it will not set me back too much, and I don’t think it will. I am even more excited now to continue down this path because it is a good, healthy thing that makes me feel strong.

Onward and upward!

Til next time…


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