Pet Peeve

5 Feb

Because I am on cardio almost every day of the week, I see a lot of my biggest pet peeve. I get so frustrated when I see people get on cardio and basically do nothing. For example, I saw a middle-aged woman the other day get on the Elliptical and go at 2.7 mph for 10-15 minutes. Next to her was a woman in her mid-20s not doing much more, walking on the treadmill slower than you would from your car to the grocery store, while holding on to the handles! Many men are the same way. I would think maybe these people had an illness or something that prevented them from exerting themselves, but I see it every day, far too often to believe that. Instead, it appears to me these people probably have a case of listening to “Mr. Easy“. He’s saying, “At least you are at the gym doing something”.  Problem is, Mr. Easy doesn’t get you results.

While I applaud anyone for going to the gym, the fact is that a lot of people I see on the cardio machines probably would have burned more calories doing a few loads of laundry! The worst is when I go to the gym at 5 in the morning. You’ve dragged yourself out of bed at an un-Godly hour to sit on the bike at Level 1 and read a magazine? I just don’t get it!

I have days where thinking about cardio makes me want to run out of the gym (or not even go in the first place). We all know that cardio isn’t exactly the most entertaining thing to do. But if you are not pushing yourself hard–even if you can only go for 10 minutes–then in my opinion you are wasting your time. Maybe a little harsh?  Too much Jillian Michaels vs. Bob Harper? Maybe, but it truly does come from a place of just wanting people to get the results they want.

But before I start expressing my feelings outloud about this topic (my blog doesn’t count) I have to prove myself, and that is what this 12-week process is all about. I continue to train hard and my diet is on track. I felt really hungry yesterday, which I think can be attributed to monthly hormones–a girl thing that unfortunately we have to go through 12 times a year. I ate more complex carbs than I typically would, but it got me through the day. I felt good when I woke up this morning.

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