6 Feb

This morning, I started to feel a little better and decided to get my workout in before my day got away from me. On Saturdays and Tuesdays, I don’t lift, but I do an hour of cardio (instead of a half hour on lifting days). Today my plan was to run 3 miles (in 30 minutes) then do the Elliptical or bike for another 30 minutes. Instead, I ended up running 5 miles in 50 minutes and walking for 10 minutes. I was nearing mile 3 when I thought, “I’m not that tired and this is helping me feel better so why don’t I try for 4 miles.” I have never run 4 miles in my entire life, much less 4 consecutive 10-minute miles. Suddenly I realized that in just 10 minutes, I could achieve something I never thought possible before. Then, after getting to mile 4, I decided to go for the 5th! It wasn’t as easy, especially the last half mile, but I did it! I felt such a sense of accomplishment. For the first time, I felt that old me –the girl that couldn’t run a mile around the track in Jr. High or do a sit up — start to go away. I am becoming a new person and I love it!

My calves are already a little sore but it was well worth it. My friend Lauren surprised me today with a gift certificate to the spa — my MOST favorite thing– so its a double happy day. I sure could use that massage now!

Until next time…


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