Time to kick it up a notch

7 Feb

Now that I have successfully dieted through 4 weeks and stuck to my new training process for 6 weeks, I am ready to kick it up a notch. I am committed to eating as cleanly and leanly as possible, drinking more water, staying away from complex carbs after Meals 1 and 2, and staying away from any dairy products, including milk and yogurt.

Starting Week 7 (or Week 6 if I feel it is necessary), I will start to do 2-a-days in the gym because I want to be able to get in 45 minutes of cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. I will supplement this with my regular workouts, so I will be adding about 4.5 hours of cardio each week (to the 4.0 hours I already do). Another way to think of it is that I will be reducing my net calories by another 2,250 calories/week (assuming a conservative 500 calories burned/hour). It simply is not sustainable from a time management point of view or a health point of view to do 8.5 hours of cardio/week, and that is why I won’t start it until the back-end of the 12-week cycle. However, I feel it will be important to do for a short while to achieve the results I am looking for.

In a week from tomorrow (February 15), I will post a new progress picture. Looking forward to it being a great week and continuing to see results!

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