“I’m on a diet”

8 Feb

Saying, “I’m on a diet”  is practically meaningless to people, because (1) diets seem to be ingrained in a woman’s DNA and (2) most people fail anyway. The phrase generally doesn’t evoke a very good reaction (wrinkled noses, arched eyebrows) or it can simply make people uncomfortable. I completely understand this and try to avoid the topic at all costs.

A problem arises, however, when people start taking notice of your different habits. Everyone is drinking beer but you. You say “no thank you” to a hamburger or hotdog when they count the number of patties and dogs to put on the grill (and you used to say “one of each, please!”). I don’t think I’ll ever know exactly the best way to approach it, especially since most people have seen me eat junk before. So until people get used to me being a clean eater all the time, I feel compelled to explain the situation by saying, “I’m on a diet” and then try my best to take the attention off the topic as soon as possible.

Maybe announcing “I’m on a diet” isn’t the best way to go about it, especially since I’m actually dieting down, which is different from a conventional diet. But explaining dieting down is even worse to someone not familiar with bodybuilding. Maybe I should just say “I’m trying to eat better” and leave it at that. But does the other person hear “I’m a better person than you”, as they automatically glance towards their plate, piled high with potato salad and chips? I wouldn’t want that! This is a very personal goal, and I’m doing it to prove to myself that I can do it, not to feel like I’m better than anyone else.

Following March 31, the end date of my 12-week goal, I am going to closely follow the Clean Eating program made popular by Tosca Reno. A friend of mine follows it and looks fabulous all the time. It’s certainly a big commitment. But I know for my health it’s one of the best commitments I can make in my life. But there’s also another great thing about it that I am looking forward to very much — I should never have to worry about saying “I’m on a diet” ever again!

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