Look stupid and don’t worry about it

9 Feb

 Thankfully, my husband was there every step of the way when I was a lifting “newbie” but I still couldn’t help but to feel stupid sometimes. Lifting the correct way means sticking your butt out most of the time and when you are lifting hard, making silly faces (puckered lips, squinted eyes, etc.) and turning red is bound to happen. For most girls, we care a lot about how we look, and this can be pretty difficult to overcome.

Some of my worst “looking stupid” moments have happened when I have put too much weight on the stack or picked up dumbells and couldn’t lift them above my head. Then there was the day I was doing bench presses in my old gym and the entire side of weights fell off the bar and made a giant crash as I struggled to sit upright.  The weights wouldn’t stop rolling on the floor, clanking against the machines. I felt like everyone stopped to look at me. Very embarrassing.

Nowadays, I rarely feel stupid because as I’ve built muscle, I’ve also gained a lot of confidence. But I am aware of the feeling when I see other newbies step into the weight room (women and men alike). I can see it on their faces;  they look uncomfortable or dejected. I just wish I could tell them, “Look stupid and don’t worry about it!” My husband always told me that all that stupid stuff — that’s just what happens when lifting, and everyone has stories just like mine. Lifting is about constantly achieving new goals and a lot of times you just have to go for it, stupid looking or not!

The weeks are starting to go by faster now that I’m past week 4 of my diet.When I start to feel too comfortable, I immediately look to see where I may have veered off course, because like my husband says, I should still be feeling a little pain (not actual pain, but meaning I should feel like I’m on a diet!). So I’m keeping my portion sizes in check, eliminating complex carbs past Meal 2, drinking lots of water, and staying away from dairy. I’m not eating fruit either because of the relatively high sugar content, but I’m looking forward to adding it back into my diet soon!  This, along with my training, should yield the results that I am looking for. I’ve just got to stay on track.

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  1. citysteps February 9, 2010 at 12:02 PM #

    tell them!! and i love how yesterday i told you the most embarassing story of my life – it must have inspired you to write the post about looking stupid!! hahah!! keep up the good work 🙂 xo, sister

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