The H20 fix

10 Feb

I’ve never really been a big fan of drinking a lot of water. I like ordering diet sodas when I’m out at restaurants and I like to drink them at home. And, if I’m not drinking diet sodas, I’m usually drinking chai tea, green tea or Fuze. Anything but water! Water is just so boring. It’s not fizzy, it’s not fruity, and it’s tasteless (or its tap water, which can leave a horrible taste in your mouth). But lets face it, H2O gets you results. No matter how many different articles I read on diet and training, there it is, almost 100% of the time: Drinking water — and LOTS of it — is an absolute must.

I can’t ignore it anymore. If I want a lean body, I have to find a way to get more water into my diet. I drink plenty at the gym, that’s no problem. I carry a large water bottle and fill it up at least twice, if not three times. (It holds about 0.75 L of water, or the equivalent of 1.5 store-bought water bottles.) But if I’m that thirsty at the gym, I know it means I’m not getting enough water beforehand.

To increase my H2O intake, I am making a conscious effort to drink 500 mL of water at every meal.  Lots of experts (i.e., people who live what I’m trying to do) suggest a gallon of water a day on a diet like mine. 500 mL of water x 5 per day = 2,500 mL, still about 1,200 mL shy of the 3,785 mL in a gallon. Still, its a start and much better than what I have been doing. I will probably make up the difference at the gym anyway, but if I try it for a month and feel like I need to step it up even more, I will.

I hope that by consciously incorporating more water into my diet, it will become sort of second nature, a habit. My bet is that whether it becomes a habit or not (I still forget to put deodorant on occasionally and shouldn’t that be a habit by now?!), I will see such great results, that I’ll want to keep it up. Since I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now, I’ve already thought of ways to make drinking water more fun. I’ve tried them all and even though it’s still no diet soda, they work!

  • Drink through a straw. For some reason, straws just make any drink more fun. I have plastic straws with fun colors that can be re-used and run through the dishwasher.


  • Add lemon juice, cucumber, or mint. It makes you feel like you are at the spa.


  • For a special treat, buy expensive water. My favorite is FIJI. It tastes a lot better than Food Lion “purified drinking water”, which is what I usually buy because its the cheapest available bottled water.

Until next time

(A more hydrated) Steph

Watch me do it!


2 Responses to “The H20 fix”

  1. Steph February 10, 2010 at 3:27 PM #

    I have read about the part about eliminating the nutrients but not the processing part. You know, I think like everything its one of those things where you just have to try it out and see what works. I just know that I drink way too much “crap”. Even if it’s not sugary, it is still not pure and probably not helping me very much (except for the tea). Since I usually have some sort of liquid at every meal, now I’m going to replace it with water. If I’m going to meet my goal, I need to do everything I can to boost my metabolism right now. This is one I’ve really been missing the mark on.

    By the way – did they say anything about combatting lost nutrients or was the solution just to drink less water?

  2. mom February 10, 2010 at 3:21 PM #

    have you done any reading/research on drinking too much water with a meal as it dilutes digestive juices and takes you longer to “process” your meal..and you may be eliminating good nutrients b/f your body has a chance to absorb them. Just a heads up as you travel into the land of more water…which, btw, I applaud, esp. if you do that instead of soda. I don’t believe excess in consumption in any form, but this varies widely between individuals esp. dependent upon their lifestyle…so, see if you can find any research on water intake and athletic training and let us all know how it pertains to you. Good luck with your goals…an inspiration to be sure!

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