I’m a pear

11 Feb

I have always had wide hips, and I’ve hated them since I can remember. I also have a flat stomach, and no matter how much weight I’ve gained over the years, it has never been a real issue for me. But despite being blessed with a flat stomach, I’ve spent most of my life stressing about my hips. Ugh, those hips! I am the pear of all pear shapes.

Getting super lean will take care of the fat on my hips, and already I’ve lost quite a bit of it. Fat tends to hang out around there and it’s really hard to get off.  But no matter how much fat I lose, I’ll still have those hip bones and unfortunately I can’t do anything about them.

We are all supposed to love our bodies the way we are, blah blah blah. Whatever. We all have one part (or two or three) on our bodies we don’t like. I’ll probably never love my hips, but I have also made a conscious effort to work hard to bring out my “better” parts (which, sort of ironically, I’ve neglected over the years). That’s why I’ve started to consistently work out my abs.

I’ve never really incorporated abs training into my workouts. This has been a mistake since a strong core will help me in just about every other area of lifting. Plus, ab muscles are the first thing people look at and judge you by. Person A loses 10% body fat, has a flat stomach, but no discernible six-pack. Person B loses 10% body fat, has a flat stomach AND has a six-pack. I guarantee that you will be more attracted to Person B.

Since my abs were so weak when I started, I did not start doing weighted crunches. Every morning I wake up and within 15 minutes, I’m in my living room doing sets of anything I want. When a muscle group is so weak, its hard to stick to training it because in the beginning it feels like such a chore. So instead of putting together a strict routine, I’ve just been doing whatever makes me happy, which is usually a hodge podge of different types of crunches, lower abs training, and obliques training. Now that I’m further along, I’ve started to add weighted crunches at the gym, and I have started to incorporate a more serious routine in the morning, which follows a typical 3-4 set, 12-15 rep pattern. But not always, I’m still easing in.

I’ll continue to work on my ab muscles long after this diet is over. There is still a lot of work to do. But since I already have a flat stomach, when I really lean up, what I have begun to build over the last 3 months will show nicely. Even pears can have a six pack!

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