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12 Feb

My diet is coming along nicely. I’ve fallen into a good eating pattern and I am sticking strictly to lean proteins (mostly chicken these days because it’s been on sale 🙂 ) and green veggies (mostly fresh green beans because they are my fave, although I have some spinach ready to eat today). Although I consume carbs at every meal (veggies are a carb) my first two meals of the day also include complex carbs –typically oatmeal, a sweet potato, or brown rice. After that, I’m complex carb free, sticking to protein shakes, veggies, and my lean proteins.

Yesterday’s Meal 2: 5 oz chicken, 1 c. green beans, 1/2 c. brown rice. (To cook the chicken, I take about 1.8 – 2 lbs. chicken breast, season them, and cook them on medium-high heat in 1 TBSP olive oil on the stove)

I picture my diet looking like a greater-than sign, with the wide end on the left and the pointy end on the right, narrowing down as the day wears on.

I’ve found that this kind of diet makes me feel pretty “empty” by 8 or 9 at night and by morning, I’m hungry and ready to eat my first meal. But the reason I like it is that it front loads those great energy-boosting complex carbs into the first half of my day, and I use them throughout the day. Plus, I don’t have anything heavy sitting on my stomach at bedtime, when my calorie burn will (obviously) be much lower. It is like flip flopping the traditional American diet, with the heavier meal in the morning and the lighter meal in the evening. If you consider how you expend calories throughout the day, it makes perfect sense!

Clearly, this diet is meant to get me lean fast (in 12 weeks) and I’ve limited my complex carb intake to an amount that is typically lower than recommended in a clean eating lifestyle. Following March 31, I will continue to eat small meals throughout the day, but I will introduce more complex carbs past Meal 2 (and more simple carbs like fruit!). The goal is to stay healthy and lean going forward, not to be a low-carb dieter for my entire life. That said, I will continue to make my bigger meals in the morning hours. Doing so will eliminate the need to impose those awful rules  like, “Don’t eat past 7pm” or “Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed”.

Since I got my new scale two weeks ago, I’ve been losing a steady 2 lbs/week. That is exactly what this diet was intended to do, and I’m thrilled to see it working.

Looking forward to having some new progress pictures posted next Monday.


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