Bad foods that are good for you?

14 Feb

I like Prevention magazine for what it stands for. But they sure will go pretty far to sell magazines, and some of the articles I’ve read are downright irresponsible. Today I ran across this article, posted on Yahoo!. It is titled, “5 Bad Foods That are Actually Healthy”:

The article lists ice cream, chocolate, cheese, beef, and pizza as so-called “bad” foods that, according to Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello, (surprisingly) have redeeming qualities. I’ve summarized these below:

  • Ice cream has “a very impressive dose of calcium”;
  • Chocolate “is rich in flavonoids” that “protect your heart”;
  • Cheese “contains a special kind of fat” that is “a new weapon against breast cancer”;
  • Beef “is one of the richest and best-absorbed sources of zinc”; and
  • Pizza “delivers tons of lycopene” through the tomato sauce and helps to fend off prostate cancer.

Prevention goes on to say that these foods are worth “indulging in”. The article even goes as far as saying that these foods will “boost the health of your diet”.

Can I tell you how much I hate articles like this? They are ridiculously misleading. Why have these foods been labeled as “bad” in the first place? It’s simple– because they make you fat and lead to heart disease. The article doesn’t mention that ice cream, chocolate, and cheese are full of saturated fats and sugars. We’ve all heard that dark chocolate has some really good health benefits, and eating a bit here and there is probably not a bad idea. (And let’s admit it, really tasty too!) But the article suggests eating Hershey Kisses and Fun-Sized candy bars every day. Green tea happens to be an excellent source of flavanoids, and its fat free and calorie free. Hmmm…..

Moving down the list, lean beef is fine in small quantities, but red meat has been linked to increased risk of cancer over and over again. If you want more zinc in your diet, take a multivitamin. Or, eat chicken and turkey, which are also good sources of zinc but much healthier proteins. The last on the list is pizza, the most ridiculous one in my opinion. What about all of the bread, cheese, and oils that surrounds that pasta sauce?

This is when blogs come in handy — they are like virtual soapboxes, and I can rant about these things! I just hate to see good people mislead, and I found this article especially egregious.

Tomorrow I’ll post a new progress picture. I’d love to take it in the morning when I’m nice and lean, but since I’ll be coming back from the gym as Greg is leaving for work, it will probably be the afternoon before I can get it up.


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