Tea and sweet potatoes

17 Feb

It is funny how dieting will make you look forward to the weirdest things. For instance, I love my tea, and drink it throughout the day. If it is an hour before I’m supposed to eat again but I feel a little hungry or even bored, I’ll make some tea and it’ll get me through until my next meal. I drink regular Lipton, green tea and vanilla chai because those are my favorites. I usually drink vanilla chai at night because it smells so delicious and it’s like a dessert.

Another thing I look forward to is my daily sweet potato — or half — depending on the size of the potato. It comes with Meal 2 and I love it! I ate sweet potatoes a lot before this diet, but since it is one of the “sweetest” things in my diet these days, it really does take care of that (forever nagging) sweet tooth. I never thought a POTATO would be equivalent to a piece of chocolate to me. But these days, it is!

Other than certain foods, I also look forward to sleep much more. That said, it might surprise you that I was taking a lot of naps before I started my diet but I rarely take naps now. I attribute my need for naps last year to very uneven eating habits, too much sugar in my diet, and being bored with my job.  I would look forward to them, but it wasn’t a healthy thing. I knew something was wrong because a normal adult should not need a nap every day.

Now, even though I’m expending more calories throughout the day, I don’t feel sleepy at noon. I’m awake all day and feel energetic. But by the end of the day, I’m exhausted and ready to snuggle in! I know how much those 7-8 hours of sleep mean to my success, and I look forward to them every night.

I’m continuing along with the diet and it’s nice to start to see my abs training show in my mid-section. I’ve never had any significant abs muscle before and it’s really cool to watch it surface. Sunday will start the second half of the diet, and from then until March 31, I should see considerable transformation in my bottom half (hips, butt, legs, thighs), where I carry the most of my fat.

Consistency is key, so I just have to keep going and it will happen.


Watch me do it!

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