Sweet sauce

19 Feb

“Rest is the sweet sauce of labor.”  – Plutarch

Ahhhh! It finally came. Friday. Rest day.

After a full week of 2-a-days at the gym, I was ready for this day! I’m still focusing on my diet, and since this is the end of Week 6, tonight’s date night will be my last “cheat” meal through the end of my diet. I might start to cycle my carbs a little more starting Week 7 (making some days of the week more low-carb and some higher-carb) but I do not want to introduce any additional calories or sugars the last 6 weeks. If I increase anything it will be my water intake.

Although I do believe in a “cheat” meal every now and then, I do not want anything to come between me and my goal. I am determined to meet it. I’ve finally gotten over that “hump” — those initial weeks where you feel like results will NEVER happen — and I do not want to go back.

Now that I am entering the latter part of my diet, I just want to maintain my focus. It won’t be easy and it shouldn’t be — this is a diet after all and it’s not supposed to be comfortable. “Fat and happy” is not the look I’m going for. “Wow, you look like you worked hard for that body!” is the look I’m going for.

So today I’ll rest and take some time to read my new Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines, and this weekend I’ll be back in the gym, refreshed and ready to see this through.


Watch me do it!


2 Responses to “Sweet sauce”

  1. Stephanie February 19, 2010 at 12:30 PM #

    No, that’s not Oli, but isn’t he precious? Poor Oli!! He’s just glad it’s sunny again outside and spends most of his day snoozing on the porch.

    Have you read that book? I’ve missed that one somehow. If you tell me it’s good I’ll check it out.

  2. citysteps February 19, 2010 at 11:47 AM #

    omg LOVE your picture today – he is so precious!! wait, is that O??? Anyhow, that guy I always talk about, Seth Godin, wrote a book about “the Dip”, which applies to business, but I think is similar to “the hump” you talk about… I think I i like the idea of getting over a hump better, tho, b/c then u get to enjoy coasting down the other side 🙂

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