Lemonade Trick

20 Feb

With all of the chicken, eggs, and fresh veggies I eat, not to mention the supplements, dieting can get expensive! Since getting laid off at the end of January, I am even more focused on getting more bang for my buck, and I wanted to share an inexpensive, zero-calorie lemonade trick. If you like lemonade (or even better if you buy Crystal Light Lemonade), you’ll like this.

  1. Squeeze a good helping of lemon juice into a bottle of water.
  2. Add a packet of your favorite zero-calorie sweetener.
  3. Shake.

+ +

WA-LAH! You’ve just made a great tasting, zero-calorie lemonade.

I would recommend only one of these a day because I don’t like using a lot of fake sweeteners. But its a great change from water and  is so much cheaper than buying those powder mixes (which are kinda gross anyway). I use lemon juice from concentrate that I buy in a cute lemon-shaped squeeze bottle from the grocery store, but you can use fresh lemons too of course.


Watch me do it!

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