23 Feb

Trudging through 3 months of dieting can be tedious and sometimes the expectations are so high it can seem like a lost cause. I’ve found that having a diet journal comes in really handy when you feel like you are forgetting why you started a diet in the first place.

I think most dieters hit a point that defines the success of a diet. It is a time when you either muster the willpower to stick with it or say “screw it” and return to your old habits. I’m there right now at the crossroads. I hit it a few days ago when I felt like progress wasn’t coming fast enough.

This morning I decided I had to make the decision to follow through or not. The worst thing for me would be to go back to Square One. So, not wanting to do that, I’m forging ahead. Reading my earlier posts from January helped me in making my decision. I was in a really good place then, and it brought back that optimism I had when I started out. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past that motivated me and reminded me why I love doing this!

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