The Nicole Diet

9 Mar

My last post was about regaining focus and creating new momentum to push myself through the last 4 weeks of my diet. One way I was going to do that was to make a few tweaks to what I eat. I was inspired by a Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine article about Nicole Wilkins Lee, who recently won the Figure Olympia. The article outlined a sample meal plan for Nicole, which was very similar to the one I’ve been following, with a few adjustments. The biggest changes are (1) the addition of casein protein before bed and (2) cycling carbs throughout the week. Here’s the “new” diet:

Meal 1 (7:30am) – 5 egg whites, 1/2 c. oatmeal (I add in a handful of spinach and some flax seed to my oats. See this link for my green oats inspiration.)

Meal 2 (10:30am) – 4 egg whites, scrambled, with 3 oz turkey crumbles + 1 TBSP salsa  <– Mixed together, this tastes amazing and I don’t usually eat salsa!

Meal 3 (1:30pm) – 4 oz. chicken breast, small salad with tomatoes (and onion if you prefer, which I don’t), plus 3/4 cup brown rice every other day <–This is where the carb cycling comes in. It seems like a small adjustment, but I can definitely tell a difference.

Meal 4 (4:30pm) – 4 oz. turkey (or chicken) breast, 15 almonds, 1 scoop protein powder and water. Nicole also eats 1 TBSP of peanut butter at this meal up until Week 6. Since I’m past Week 6, I haven’t included it.

Meal 5 (7:30pm) – 5oz. chicken breast, 1 7-inch corn tortilla, 1 cup green beans, 1 small salad with tomato and onion <– I don’t like corn tortillas so I eat a 1/2 c. of quinoa instead. In my opinion, it’s better anyway because it’s got protein!

Meal 6 (9:00pm) – 1 scoop casein protein powder <–I ordered blueberry cream which will be here tomorrow and I’m excited to try it! For now, I’m drinking whey protein, although the point of casein protein is that is digests slowly and helps you retain muscle mass while you sleep.

I’ve been following this meal plan for almost 2 days now and although it may seem like a lot of food, it sure doesn’t feel like it with all of the training I’ve been doing! Now that my metabolism has revved up too, it’s amazing how “empty” I feel, even 1/2 hour after eating. The trick is to stick with it. For me, that means more chores are getting done around the house and my dog is getting walked a lot more! These things help take my mind off my diet because I’m here all day with my fridge and pantry only a few feet away.


*Watch me do it*


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  1. Greg March 9, 2010 at 3:27 PM #

    You looked RIPPED at the gym last night. Your shoulders looked shredded and you had awesome separation between your shoulder, biceps and triceps. KEEP IT UP ! ! ! Honestly, I am jealous and I am a dude!

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