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10 Mar

So today my husband Greg called me and said, “I’m laughing at a quote from your blog.” I have a knack for inadvertently saying things that have “alternate” meanings (that usually end up with someone saying, “That’s what she said!”). Thankfully, it wasn’t anything like that, but I did write something in my post called “Regaining Focus” that sounded pretty silly:

I’ve written about it before, but I think it is worth revisiting — when you are comfortable on a diet, let that be your red flag because you aren’t working hard enough. It’s so important because what you eat is 80-90% of your ability to succeed on a diet.

Greg was laughing about the last sentence, where I said 80-90% of your ability to succeed on a diet is what you eat. Well, duh! What I meant was that 80-90% of your ability to lose weight has to with what you eat. The training is absolutely important for a toned, healthy looking body. But you could do all the cardio in the world and eat junk and you wouldn’t be successful at getting the body you want. (Haven’t we all tried this at one point or another?!) My point was that the key to success is your eating habits, not how you train, not your genetics, or anything else.

Now that that‘s all cleared up, I thought I would also comment on the title of my blog. It’s funny because I came up with the tag line “Watch me do it!” without ever thinking that anyone would be reading my blog or following my progress. It was something I said to myself in the beginning, like a challenge to myself.

I was actually pretty stealth when I started the diet. I didn’t tell anyone, not even Greg. (About a week into it, he said to me, “Are you dieting?!” when he realized I was eating differently.) But I needed a way to keep myself motivated, so I started my blog to chronicle my new journey. My sister Kate has a great blog, and I thought the idea of a virtual diary was pretty cool.  The thought that maybe someone out there in the giant universe of the world wide web might stumble upon my blog crossed my mind, but it was only at Greg’s urging that I decided to share it with friends, family, and others.

On a different topic, I finally had a great cardio workout today. Lately I’ve been dragging, but for some reason I woke up feeling refreshed today. I did sprints for 45 minutes this morning, and it felt great.  My casein protein came this afternoon and I’m about to try it. Blueberry cream – yum! I won’t lie, the diet is has been difficult since I made some tweaks (see “The Nicole Diet”) and got (far) out of the comfort-zone. But with another progress picture just around the corner and my goal date also close, I am determined to stick with it because I know it’s working!


*Watch me do it*

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