Put a cork in it, Steph

20 Mar

Last night, Greg and I had our regular Friday night “date night” at home instead of going out to a restaurant. I got some pretty flowers from the grocery store, put out some appetizers and made dinner, and we watched Up in The Air with George Clooney. We had a great night relaxing together; I love spending time with my husband.

There was just one tiny problem: the wine. I got a great Shiraz-Merlot blend and was fully enjoying myself, until…I got the urge to eat. And I’m not talking carrot sticks and celery here. I’m talking everything BAD BAD BAD!  Wine makes me forget everything I’ve taught myself and turns me into a bottomless pit. Down the hatch everything goes from cheese tortellinis to chocolate chip cookies. I’m too embarrassed to say what else.

Chalk up last night as the king of all cheat nights. Wow.

I know better, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been serious enough to cut wine out of my diet altogether. But the fact is, I would have had just as much fun with Greg last night without it, and not had a stomach ache this morning.  Plus, I’m in the last two weeks of my diet, and blowing it now is completely out of the question. Boy, is it amazing how self-disciplined you have to be to really get the body you want! I have to face it — wine is my diet enemy.

Although I felt bloated and gross this morning, I ran off as much of last night as I could at the gym, then headed to Nordstrom’s. I spent way too much money but came home with a new pair of jeans (size 29!) and three tops (all purple — I can’t help it, it’s my favorite color). Nordstrom’s has, without a doubt, the most BRUTAL dressing room lighting of any department store I’ve ever been in. It used to upset me so badly, it would put me in a bad mood all day. But today it motivated the hell out of me! I’m sure the king of all cheat nights last night might have had something to do with it too. But the fact is, I still have a lot of areas to tighten up and I know it will take a lot longer than 2 weeks to do it. So, while the new, smaller clothes are AWESOME, the motivation I got from that dressing room was well worth the long drive to South Park Mall.

Tonight we are meeting friends at one of our favorite restaurants, Mickey & Mooch. Since I already cheated, I’m going to stick to my diet and have chicken and green beans (they have the best marinaded chicken breast) and a small salad. No vino for me tonight!


*Watch me do it*


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  1. Kris March 21, 2010 at 8:11 AM #

    hey Steph,
    Wow, do I completely understand how you feel. I had one glass of wine the other night, which led to a healthy snack later in the evening than I would have normally…and another glass of wine! I can honestly say in the last 11 weeks this was the 2nd occasion I had wine (I used to enjoy a glass of red a few times a week during dinner). I felt TERRIBLE the next morning! Headache and all. SO not worth it. Maybe the motivation you got from the dressing room lights (which I agree are unkind…) was really your guilt speaking up? Because that’s how I felt. How could I come this far to give in to this? On the other hand, is a glass or two here or there really that big a deal? It’s supposed to be a lifestyle right?

    By the way, good for you to refocus and start with a good training session the next day!

    Question, how are you finding time to do weights and cardio on the same day? I still seem to only be able to get in one, not both…

    look forward to hearing from you

    • Stephanie March 21, 2010 at 9:43 AM #

      Hi Kris – Yeah, it’s funny a lot of my friends say that drinking wine does the opposite by suppressing their appetite, but not me! This isn’t a lifestyle for me right now, it is a diet with a specific purpose. So my point was that to reach the goal I want, I have to delay gratification.

      As for the weights and cardio, I am without a job right now, so I have more flexibility with my day-to-day schedule. I get up at 5:30 in the morning to do cardio and I’m back at the gym around 6:00 at night. It would be so much more convenient if I had a treadmill at the house — I can’t wait to get one!


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