Cardio overload

23 Mar

Today is my “all cardio” day (along with Saturdays), so I went in tonight for another hour of cardio. I did sprints this morning so my plan was to take it a little easier tonight and walk most of the time, varying the incline. But I got a good song going on my Ipod, saw someone pounding it out on the treadmill down the row, and I wanted to do the same. So I upped the speed and started to run. Within a few minutes, I increased the incline and and started to run uphill.

Two miles in, I was feeling great, but I also started to get really hot. I always get blotchy and a little red when I run, but I could feel my temperature rising fast. But I kept going because I was determined to get to 3 miles. With only a few minutes left to meet my goal, I suddenly started to feel  weird and shaky and I thought I was going to pass out. I totally over did it! I made it across the gym into the locker room feeling like I was going to faint any second, but after about 5 minutes of splashing cold water on my neck and arms, I finally felt normal. I decided that another 30 minutes wasn’t worth it, and headed home.

It’s a beautiful evening with a cool breeze so I took Maddie out for a walk around the neighborhood. That’s probably more along the lines of what I should have done in the first place. Guess I’m going to have to listen to myself better, especially now that I’ve cut back on the carbs (and calories). Speaking of, I’m so hungry tonight! Reducing my carbs and doing all this cardio has made me ravenous! I’m looking forward to my casein protein in a few minutes. I think I’ll mix it with a little low-fat kefir for a yummy dessert.


*Watch me do it*

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