From chocolate bunnies to rebirth and renewal

2 Apr

I love everything about Easter because it reminds me of Spring flowers, pretty dresses with pink bows and ruffles, and eating the ears off of chocolate bunnies. Although I don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday, Easter exemplifies rebirth and renewal, and coincidentally, the end of my 12-week diet falls on Easter Sunday. For whatever reason, I like that. I feel like it was meant to be.

That said, I’m a little nervous about officially ending the diet — it’s become a “safe zone” for me. But I’ve got a ton of new goals, both personally and professionally, and I’m ready to start working on them. It really has amazed me how much I’ve learned about myself, nutrition, and training during this diet. It has been a completely unexpected but really awesome part of this whole process.

Something I learned about myself: I’ve learned that when I feel good physically, I also feel good mentally. I can be a big crab sometimes and I have a super hot temper. But in the last 3 months, I’ve almost become a different person. I’m much more even-keeled and positive. It’s a GREAT feeling (and I’m sure my husband appreciates it too).

Something that I learned about nutrition: I knew a lot about nutrition going into this diet, but I’ve learned even more about the power of food. What you put into your body really does matter. White sugar and I have broken up forever.  I’ve also started to learn how to harness the power of food for energy and fat loss. Sounds kind of dramatic to say “harness the power”, but it should — it gets you dramatic results!

Something I learned about training: When I started this diet, my goal was to strip off the fat so I could see the muscle I’ve spent a lot of time building up over the years. I expected to feel weaker in the last few weeks of the diet and possibly see some reduction in my muscle mass due to all the cardio.  But that didn’t happen. I actually think that the high protein diet helped me put on some muscle. Also, I’ve had days where I’ve been completely worn out, but nothing like I thought. I’ve been continuing to lift more weight, not less, and I can think of only one ‘bad’ workout in the entire 3 months. I think my body has responded really well to the rest day I incorporated at the beginning of the diet as well as resting each body part for a week before I train it again.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and a Happy Rejuvenation Day. My next post will be on April 5, along with my progress pictures (these are technically the final pictures of this diet, but my sister will take some pictures later in April and I’ll post those too).


*Watch me do it*

PS –  I should have put an asterick next to my comment that “White sugar and I have broken up forever”. It’s like a break up where you know the relationship is toxic to your life but there is just that one part that is so good, it takes you a few times of going back and realizing that it really does suck before you are truly over it. I have to disclose this because I bought about 5 lbs. of chocolate eggs and bunnies today to make Easter baskets for my family and yes — I did eat some! Next year I’m all about the carob bunny 😉

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