A guilt-free and awesome vacation

14 Apr

Oh how I love vacation!! Last Sunday, I left for Bonita Springs, FL for some girl time with my good friend and college sorority sister, Suzy and her friend Amanda. We went to the beach, spent an afternoon on a fishing boat with Captain Kevin exploring Captiva Island, saw dolphins swim and play just a few feet from us, watched girlie movies, played board games, and relaxed by the pool. For four days, there was no CPA studying, no job hunting, no cleaning, and no worrying about diets.

Me and Suzy posing at the beach. April 12, 2010

I ate a clean breakfast every day of Kashi hot cereal, strawberries and Greek yogurt, had snacks of almonds and apples, and lunches consisting of rice, beans, fish, and salads. But I definitely used up some of my cheat meals on the trip. I had pizza and yogurt covered pretzels (because I was craving them after a few glasses of wine). I had a delicious limeade rum punch. Those food choices had nothing to do with energy, fat burning, or growing muscles and everything to do with just enjoying myself. And I did. Thoroughly.

I took a few long walks, but I mostly lounged around and worked on my tan. On Monday morning I did abs in my room, but that was the extent of working out. It was a nice break, although I started to miss training by Tuesday.

I haven’t stepped on the scale, but I’ve definitely put on a few pounds since the end of my diet. The carbs and cheats have done it. No big deal though. Tomorrow I’ll do AM cardio before my first meal and I’ll fall back into eating for energy, fat burning, and muscle growth. I can’t wait to lift too. I’ll do hamstrings, glutes, and abs.

Near Captiva and the Gulf of Mexico. Look closely and you can see three dolphins in the water!!

On the boat to Captiva! Most definitely not a "progress" picture, but this is what I looked like!!

Tomorrow I’ll share my post-diet-carb-freak-out. The emotional aspect of learning things about yourself and how different foods help you lose and GAIN weight is kind of crazy. I didn’t really want to own the fact that carbs make me gain weight. But they do and I’m having to deal with the big changes that come with a long-term lower carb diet. Forever the analyst, I’ve figured out a way to look at it from a numbers perspective, which actually helped to make this vacation guilt-free and even more awesome. I’ll share more later.


Watch me do it!

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