The Trifecta of Physical Fintess

19 Apr

There is something about a person with great shoulders, awesome abs, and cut up calves that says “physically fit”. The eye just seems to fall to those areas, especially on a woman. I like to think of it as the Trifecta of Physical Fitness.

As awesome as it is, it easy to ignore the Trifecta, and I think it’s pretty rare to see on someone. I’m definitely guilty of ignoring abs and calves. I used to forget about them all the time, adding them in only when I felt like it.

With the diet, I began to train my abs daily, mostly in my living room after AM cardio, but now I do weighted abs 3-4x a week. After my diet ended, I added in calves as part of my quad day. I go heavy and do a lot of drop sets. I make them scream at me. Greg said he sees new growth, and I am excited for more!

I’ll put up some “Before” pictures of my shoulders, abs, and calves over the next week. I need some more motivation to make progress in those areas. Public pictures always seem to do the trick.

Speaking of, I promised a picture of my back, as the “Before” picture in my 8-week quest to get a more defined V-shape. I did the new back routine two days ago on Saturday and my back is sore today. That’s good though — it’s rare for me to experience soreness after back day, so I know I did something right. The wide grip pull downs really got me!

April 19, 2010 "Before" Back -- Working on building up those lats


Watch me do it!

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