Updated “Diet and Training” Page

4 Mar

I spent some time this afternoon updating my Diet and Training page. I was getting so behind updating the page, I decided to change  it to an outline of the basic plans I follow on a daily and weekly basis.

My diet is pretty plain these days, but it’s what works. I don’t worry about calorie counting, just portion sizes. I keep my proteins at about 4-5 oz, my carbs at about 1/2 c. and my veggies at about 1 c per serving. Fats include an 1/8 c. flax with my oatmeal every morning plus almonds every day.

Right now, getting in that pre-Meal 1 cardio and the PM cardio is the most important aspect of my training. I’m not under any illusions that I’ll be building tons of muscle on this diet, although my higher protein intake will help counter muscle loss while I lose body fat.

Although it is 6:00pm, Greg is still at work, and will probably be there until 8:00 tonight — I sometimes don’t know how he gets through these long days and stays sane. I am happy to say that I had a very productive day studying for the next section of my CPA as I anxiously wait on my results from my last exam. Unfortunately, I have been having some flare-ups from my Ulcerative Colitis, which has made me feel less-than-stellar the past few days (including a general feeling of exhaustion), but with increased probiotics in my system, I felt better today. It’s just one of those things to deal with…everybody has their “thing”!


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